Delta Medical Center



Information about the coronavirus can be found

on the web site for the Center for Disease Control for B.C.



Fraser Health Website: 

 For any medical issue, phone our office.  Please be patient due to the high volume of calls.  Our phone system does not take messages.  We will have your doctor call back to assess your problem and work out the best solution.  If you need to be seen, a dedicated time will be given for assessment.  It is no longer an option to just walk into the Clinic.  Every effort will be made to have you speak to your own doctor but we take turns in dealing with queries.   We are discouraging temporarily the routine assessments such as physicals, PAP smears and driver's exams. 

Testing protocol


Current community testing for COVID-19 is only done

for patients with symptoms.  Testing has been expanded beyond health care workers.

Symptoms include a fever, cough, and shortness of breath.  Sore throat and headache are also common.

If you qualify for testing, phone the office so we can

make arrangements to refer you to a testing site.

There is currently the ability to walk in also.