Virtual Care: limitations and consent

 The security and confidentiality of your information has always been our prime concern.  With the advent of virtual visits, there are some risks that you should know about.  Currently we do not have secure e-mail.  Therefore we are not transmitting clinical information in this way.  Many doctors, including us, are beginning to use e-mail and text messaging for communicating appointment and other information.  With your approval, we will be collecting information that would allow communication in this way.

Our video visits, which are being developed, will use secure encrypted communications which will not be recorded.  For your part, you must use your own computer and wifi network to ensure that no other parties can access your communications.  Similarly, you must be in a private location that is safe.  You will need a device with a camera and microphone.

Many issues can be resolved with a video or telephone visit.  They cannot replace an in person visit entirely.  Some issues will require a specific examination in person.  Some problems will require referral to an Emergency Department. 

You will be asked to consent to electronic communication either verbally, or through a formal written document.