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                  Dr. Robert Clarke

                  Dr. Eddy Ng

                  Dr. Christopher Vipler

                  Dr. C. Naylor

                  Dr. Emily Camacho

                  Week of January 10, 2022


                  *******Please note that our phone system does not take messages or texts.********

                      We will also be postponing some routine in-office exams until further notice due to the extreme resurgence of Covid.  Please check with office staff.



                   Flu shots are here.  Everyone is eligible. 

                 Dr. Emily Camacho is working full time.    She will be seeing former patients of Dr. Cheng and Dr. Tim Clark.

                  The office remains closed to walk-in patients.  Due to Covid restrictions, access to the Clinic is strictly controlled.

                      Please call the office to make arrangements for either a virtual visit, or when appropriate, an in person visit.

                 We are postponing routine elective services in office.  ALLERGY SHOTS WILL  


                 Current guidance about masking in the office remains in effect.


               Covid 19 Vaccination

              Covid 19 vaccination is not a requirement for necessary in person visits.  However, we strongly encourage everyone to get the vaccine.


               There is a central number to book vaccinations:  1 833 838-2323 or go to gov.bc.ca/getvaccinated.     There are also a number of walk-in clinics.

               The website of the British Columbia Center for Disease Control website has information on current rollout.  bccdc.ca


               Vaccines will not be available in doctor's offices for the currently available vaccines.  Please check with Public Health at cdcbc.ca

               for up to date information.  Announcements will be made in due course.

               Please continue with the recommended safety precautions about masking, social distancing, and hand washing.