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                  Dr. Robert Clarke

                  Dr. Eddy Ng

                  Dr. Christopher Vipler

                  Dr. C. Naylor

                  Week of November 23, 2020


                  Dr. Tim Clark has returned to Ontario.  Recruitment for a new doctor is underway.  Meanwhile, we have committed to

                         looking after the patients of Dr. Clark and Dr. Cheng.

                  The office remains closed to walk-in patients.  Due to Covid restrictions, access to the Clinic is strictly controlled.

                      Please call the office to make arrangements for either a virtual visit, or when appropriate, an in person visit.

                 Due to Covid precautions, we will not be doing routine flu shots this year.  Please try to get your vaccination through

                      a community clinic or pharmacy.


               The next Community flu shot clinic will be Saturday December 5/20 at Harris Barn.

              Sign up through the web site:     divisionsbc.ca/delta